Wyoming Wind: A Road Map to Cold

I was thinking the other evening about how glad I was to finally get all the dead branches that were hanging over my roof, cleaned out of my trees. The rain was pouring down and I was able to actually relax not having to worry about my roof. It’s one of the benefits of living where I do, every year we get the pleasure of experiencing the gamut of weather here in Wyoming. We get heat, cold, snow, rain, and most of the year we get wind. It’s almost always present and most of the time it’s actually bearable. But every once in a while we get these ungodly gusts that throw you around like you were a rag doll.

It’s when these large wind events occur that life gets busy; and it doesn’t matter if it’s a house fire, downed power lines from trees, or vehicle rolls, one thing is always certain. Wyoming wind is always a road map to cold. These large wind events are guaranteed to come with freezing rain, snow, or a combination of the two. It’s cold, wet, and hard work. Luckily, the very gear that protects us from the heat of an inferno is also the gear that keeps us warm on those cold nights. And it was the storm that evening that reminded me of a night only a winter or two ago. The picture below, as a back drop, provides a pretty good first impression of the night.

A Road Map to Cold

Semi Truck roll over on Hwy 16 west in Johnson County Wyoming

Unfortunately for this individual, wind likes truckers. It almost feels like it’s only fair sometimes. Kind of like it’s payback for that time one passed you and the wind from them almost knocked you off the road. But regardless if its karma or something else, I think the big rigs are magnets for wind. They’re either creating it or being knocked over by it. And when that happens, it’s up to us to go out and fix the problem. As told by the foot prints and tier tracks in the snow; by the time this photo was taken we and already loaded the individual in the ambulance and shipped him down the hill. There was a brief pause in the wind allowing for a couple shots of the scene but out of many photos taken only about two were clear enough to actually enjoy.

The crazy thing about wind is that it doesn’t discriminate. People are just as likely a target of its wrath as vehicles, and it soon let us know that. The wind quickly picked up after this shot and was hitting gusts upwards of 50 mph. This combined with the slick roads started pushing us off the road as well. We ended up having to dawn our cleats just to stay on the road and finish our work. Gladly though, aside from rosy cheeks and cold fingers, we were warm from the wind.

As a side note, I’m sizing down the pictures to try and clean up my posts a little. Let me know if you like it or if you’d rather see the larger pictures.


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