Just Another Day in the Life of a Firefighter

This blog will act more as a portfolio than anything else. It will tell the story behind my work and the art that comes from it. I hope that by providing this I may be able to inspire you the reader to go out and experience what life has to offer. It won’t showcase all of my work but it will show what has the most meaning to me.

I felt it fitting that the first entry into this blog should be the photo that inspired me to make it in the first place. I was looking through my archives and I found it funny; When you’re growing up you think “If I could just make it through college then I’ll be done with schooling and I can make some real money.” Unfortunately that is never the case. There will always be schooling in one form or another. The difference is that in firefighting the training it’s self is usually fun; I’ll be it a little more dangerous than the classroom work most others get to deal with. When I came to the photo “Just Another Day”, I thought that it was a beautiful example of this. It made me realize that it might be fun to share some of my experiences and thoughts. So with out further delays, the photo that brought this sight to you:

When everything seems to be going wrong and all else seems lost, I can always take comfort in knowing that when I go to work It’ll be just another day in the “office”.

 In 2010 Johnson county firefighters went through an additional 136 hours of ongoing training. This included training in areas of extrication, First Responder/EMT refreshers, High angle and confined space rescue and Haz-Mat. It also included training in the fire areas of Oil/Methane, Vehicle, Structure, Wild land, Haz-Mat and many others. This photo was taken during one of those trainings on June 5th, 2010.


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